The Wanderer Returns…

The Wanderer Returns…

It’s been about 2 months since my last confession…I mean blog post. I know I’ve been AWOL. I last put fingers to keyboard on 11th July and then I just stopped. I very much needed a break and that’s exactly what I’ve given myself.

I’d been dieting, blogging, cooking, exercising and meal planning non-stop for 9 months since October 2017, and by mid-July  I was sleeping, breathing and thinking about nothing but my weight.  I knew the time was right to take a break and so I decided to give myself a “Summer Holiday”, giving myself a refreshing breather from dieting, meal planning, blogging and thinking about food.

I’ve spent the time adapting and adjusting to my new shape and weight. I’d lost 4 stone, come down 4 dress sizes and 1 shoe size, and needed some time to get used to these changes. I wanted to see how well I could maintain my new shape and weight, eating without pressure to record and measure everything that passed my lips. I wanted to see if I could get used to, and enjoy, clothes shopping again, previously one my biggest hates/fears. I wanted to get used to exercising as part of my daily routine, rather than it being a necessary regime.

Yes, I’ve had some takeaways and meals out – there have been birthdays and our wedding anniversary. There have been the odd few drinks and treats and days out with ice cream. Life is for living after all!  That’s not to say that this has been an all-expenses paid, all-inclusive golden ticket to eat whatever and whenever I liked, though!

And now, after a lovely summer break, I’ve really surprised myself with the outcome.

I have put on just 3 pounds in those 2 months.
I measured myself this morning and the figures are the same as 2 months ago.
I haven’t stopped or reduced my regular exercise (in fact, I’ll be posting separately about that later!)

Proof, I believe, that I’ve broken all those awful bad habits forever, and even with the freedom of the summer break, I haven’t ever slipped back down into that dark place.

I estimate that I have roughly another 2 to 2½ stone to lose. Of course, it’s been so long since I was a “comfortable weight” that I’m finding it hard to decide on a final target weight. After 24 years of being overweight, I have no idea how I’ll look or if I’ll struggle to keep that lower weight down, so it’s going to be a case of trial and error until I settle into my new skin.

And so I’m back, feeling refreshed and motivated. I can’t wait to get started again!
Get ready for Onwards…Downwards Part 2!

2 thoughts on “The Wanderer Returns…

  1. You’re a inspiration Hazel. I love reading your blog and following your journey to health. And as I only see you a few times a year you are smaller and fitter every time…Like I’m meeting the next smallest in a family of Russian dolls! Proud of you. Hxx

    1. Thank you, lovely friend. I’m feeling fitter and healthier than I have done in 25 years and it’s WONDERFUL!!
      Hopefully next time we see each other I’ll be another size smaller!

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