Wednesday Weigh Day!

Wednesday Weigh Day!

I’ve been unusually quiet for the past week or two – it had to happen some time! There wasn’t really a lot to report so I’m going to make up for it today!

My weight stayed the same last week which was a little frustrating, but the ongoing heatwave we’ve been having has played havoc with my appetite. I’ve had entire days when I simply haven’t felt like eating, followed by the urge to eat everything in sight the next day. I’ve also had to make sure I’m drinking plenty of water, as dehydration is one of my migraine triggers.

I don’t deal with extremely hot weather well, never have. In the past, my excess weight + excess heat equalled frequent migraines, nausea, changing clothes a couple of times a day due to perspiration, and body parts rubbing together until sore – tops of thighs, under the bust, etc. Summer was not a pleasant time for this fat woman.

This year’s been different however – the physical discomfort I’ve suffered in the past has been negligible. I have only had one migraine, no nausea, and I’ve still been exercising frequently. Just like many other people I’ve spoken to, sleep has been a bit erratic due to the heat, but unfortunately I can’t sleep with a fan switched on, the noise drives me crazy!

My new slimmer shape has allowed me to wear cooler, lighter clothes and I’ve been less afraid show off a little bit of skin! I am not allowing these glowing white legs out in public just yet, though! My clothes clear-out a couple of weeks ago left me with so little to wear that last week I finally treated myself to lots and lots of new clothes in¬†SIZE 16! It was like Christmas in this house, opening all those parcels and trying it all on ūüėÄ

It was whilst wearing one of my new tops (a black and white stripey number) with a pair of black skinny jeans, that my husband and I, out for a walk one evening last week, bumped into two of my friends who live close by. We don’t see each other very often, in fact the last time we met was just before Christmas.

And I am thrilled to say that one of the friends (whom I shall call H) DIDN’T RECOGNISE ME! I was smiling away at them, and it was only as H came within a foot or two of me, that I saw the penny drop and she realised who I was!¬† Now THAT makes all the effort worthwhile – I don’t even look like the old me any more!!¬† (H was probably wondering who on earth this slightly mad woman was, grinning away like a loon at her for 100 yards…)

My exercise motivation levels are still incredibly high despite the temperatures – I’ve been going to the gym regularly, at least twice a week, and as part of my “Try Something New” personal summer challenge, I’ve been also started going to Pilates classes.

I first tried Pilates about 3 years ago when I was at my absolute heaviest weight and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I came out feeling worse than ever – my sciatica and knees were screaming at me to stop, and I only managed about 3 or 4 classes, and only half of each class at that, before I had to stop going.

This time round, I have been attending a Pilates class twice a week (all included as part of my Newport Live membership) and I’ve just found another class that’s on a Friday morning so that’ll be three a week. It’s only a 45 minute session but I am¬†loving¬†it.¬† Utterly brilliant – it works the “core” area of the body (stomach, back, shoulders, thighs, hips) and also helps with breathing control and to some extent, mental concentration.

It looks deceptive – slow movements and lying on a mat may look like a doddle to anyone looking in through the window, but take my word for it, it is¬†hard work and incredibly effective.¬† The workout makes me sweat – not very ladylike I know – but thank goodness for an air conditioned studio, that’s all I can say!¬† You can find out more about Pilates HERE.

So, along with my increased exercising, and a really positive attitude to eating (I have discovered a new love for salads) I am delighted to have lost¬†TWO POUNDS¬†this week!¬† I’ve now lost 24.08% of my starting body weight, a total of 59 pounds (4 stone 3 pounds).

Another small achievement that means a massive amount to me has been reached today – my BMI has reduced to exactly¬†30 – which, for the first time in over 24 years, means I am now finally in the section marked as “Overweight”.

Nine months ago I had a BMI of 39.4 which put me firmly in a bright “red-for-danger” section of the chart marked as “Morbidly Obese” which, let’s face it – is quite terrifying to discover.¬† Now, I feel I can safely say I have changed my lifestyle and reduced my body weight to the point where I could very well have saved my life.

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