Wednesday Weigh Day!

Wednesday Weigh Day!

So we’re in the middle of heatwave, the hottest Wales has been for years, so I go and add more exercise to my week! The exercise is paying off, however, because I’ve also lost another 1lb this week 🙂 

In my post yesterday, “Welcome to the Velodrome” I talked about my summer activity challenge, my attempt to try as many new things as I can manage to fit in! I’ve started so well – after my exhilarating bike ride in Wales National Velodrome, I dropped the pace slightly and took part in a Twilight Yoga class on Tuesday, and tonight I’ve been to a Pilates class for the first time in over 4 years.

Twilight Yoga was lovely and peaceful – gentle yoga movements and stretches designed to relax the mind and body before going home to bed. The last time I took a Pilates class, I was in so much pain with my sciatica and arthritic knees, being over 4 stone heavier than I am now. I could only manage half the class back then. Tonight, I loved it! I managed every exercise and kept up with the class, feeling no pain, no discomfort. I have already booked my place at next week’s class!

So, I’ve now lost a whopping 57lbs and 23.27% of my initial body weight.  I’ve worked out today that when I’ve lost another 5lbs, I will have reduced my body weight by a staggering 25%.  A quarter of my body weight could be gone (forever) at some point in July.  What’s more, I seem to have dropped straight through size 18 clothes without even buying any, and have started fitting into 16’s!

As I see myself in the mirror every single day, I’ve not really been that aware of my changing body shape. Of course my clothes are getting smaller and smaller, and the hilarious episode with the giant clown trousers last week (“The Trouble With Weight Loss“) was proof of how big I used to be!

So I had a little play around with a body visualisation tool this afternoon – it’s not altogether accurate of course, and it’s really just a bit of fun, but it did make me look again at my shape and how much it has changed over the past 8 months. I saved the images the website generated, and I spent a few minutes creating this little video:

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