Wednesday Weigh Day!

Wednesday Weigh Day!

So I’ve had a lovely long weekend with my Mother-in-Law visiting us… and an equally lovely weekend of eating anything and everything I fancied! 

I didn’t intend to let myself go quite as much as I did – we had an Italian meal on Friday night, wine was drunk (as were we). I also somehow managed to put away lemon meringue pie, a pub meal, crisps, chocolate fudge cake, more wine, one or two amaretto’s…

And I felt awful by Monday morning. I don’t mean that I felt guilty (although obviously I did), but I felt physically awful. My tummy was bloated, my skin felt bad, I hadn’t exercised for almost a week, my ankles started to swell, my digestion felt like it was struggling.  My body just isn’t used to this kind of eating any more and I didn’t like how it felt.

So I’ve immediately returned to my healthy eating and recording everything on Nutracheck. Last night I cooked a wonderful Greek-style lemon and chicken rice dish which I’ll share here later.

Miraculously, amazingly, when I stepped on the scales this morning (with my eyes closed initially), I STAYED THE SAME! Don’t ask me how it happened, but it’s true 😀

I have also lost a further 2 inches – half an inch from my hips and chest, and an inch from my waist (it’s all HERE).

It is of course possible that unless I really focus and knuckle down this week, my excesses of the weekend may catch up with me next week, but I do not intend to let that happen! I’ve put on weight on just one occasion (Christmas) and I am so very proud of my record.

A minor ear infection made me go to the doctor’s yesterday morning so eating’s been a bit painful today, but I haven’t lost my appetite – you know I’m in serious trouble when I don’t want to eat!

In my post yesterday, “The Trouble With Weight Loss” I mentioned that I’d booked a proper bra fitting at my local M&S store. Along I went today at 3 o’clock to get my new scaffolding sorted out.

(warning: things are about to get really personal)

I’ve always been a little… over-blessed in that department, and so bras have always had to be like armour plating on my chest and never particularly delicate. I last had a proper bra fitting 2 years ago, same store, same lady. To go with my former size 24 figure, I also had a size 44F bra size. Bloody hell, bras did not come cheap at that size and they certainly didn’t feel comfortable or elegant.  The result this afternoon came as something of a surprise…

To my embarrassment I genuinely squealed when the lady told me I’d dropped to a 40D !

The actual measurement was 39 inches but of course, when bras only go up in even numbers, I had to go up to a size 40. But still – that’s FIVE inches and TWO cup sizes down!  I proudly floated out of M&S this afternoon with four new bras 😀

And so, to finish this post, I’ll tell you about an ever greater achievement.  Last Friday whilst food shopping for the weekend with my husband, he more or less dared me to try on something – anything – in Tesco in a size 16.

So I disappeared into the fitting room with a white linen blouse that I would never normally wear. Why this? No stretch you see, either it was going to fit, or it wouldn’t.

And just like Cinderella…IT WAS A PERFECT FIT!

This girl is a size 16. 


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