Wednesday Weigh Day!

Wednesday Weigh Day!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh yes!  I’d better stop before this turns into ‘that’ scene from “When Harry Met Sally” 😀 I’ve finally, finally reached that elusive FOUR STONE weight loss today – and almost 23% of my body weight!

4 Stone

I’ve lost a brilliant 2 pounds this week to bring my total weight loss to an enormous 56 pounds. Now that is a LOT of weight. In real terms, it’s hard to picture 56 pounds so let me give you an idea of the excess weight I used to carry around with me every day:

1 pound (or 454g) is an average 8-pack of thick pork sausages.

(See where I’m going with this?)

I’ve lost the equivalent of 56 packs of sausages.

So that’s…wait for it…FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY EIGHT sausages!

Which looks like this…

56 pounds of sausages

That’s enough to put me off sausages for life! In truth, imagine carrying all those sausages (or anything else weighing 56 pounds – potatoes maybe?) around with you all day – it’s hardly surprising that I had back trouble, damaged & arthritic knees, shortness of breath, aching joints…

It’s been a bit of a slog for a few weeks, I will admit – there have been a few difficult weeks lately when the little angel on one shoulder has really had to fight hard to defeat that persuasive little demon on the other. Recording my calorie intake has sometimes been erratic and I’ve really had to work at it.

But I’ve given up a LOT sooner than this before. Sometimes I’d try a new diet and within a fortnight I’d have lost interest and straight back to my old ways. My achievements based on the sheer effort I’ve been putting in at the gym since January, and the wonderful way I’ve been eating over the past 7 months, is more than enough to convince me that I am NEVER going back to my old way of life!

I’ve been working hard to get to grips with my new gym program over the past week or two. I’m getting better at some of the new disciplines – although I am not entirely convinced that a ten minute session on an elliptical trainer (“Vario”) only burns 54 calories!  That’s barely one half of a 2-finger KitKat, for goodness sake! What do I have to do to earn a cream cake?? 😀

Tomorrow afternoon I have my mum-in-law coming to stay with us for a nice long weekend – due to circumstances (work, distance, etc) it’ll be the first time we’ve seen her since the funeral of my father-in-law earlier this year so we’ve planned to go out for some nice meals and hopefully a day out if the weather is kind.

It’s also Father’s Day on Sunday so my Dad and Mum will be joining all of us (all 3 of our kids too) for a meal at our local pub.  Meals out are a bit of a test for any dieter, so I’ve already checked the menus online and I’ve narrowed down my choices before we go. I may, of course, be tempted to allow myself some wine with dinner – it is a special occasion, after all 😉

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