Wednesday Weigh Day!

Wednesday Weigh Day!

Now that’s more like it! I’ve lost a pound this week – I have been religiously recording my calorie intake on the Nutracheck app, and I’m back to regular every-day activity including the gym and the allotment!

It’s just a pound, but it’s a pound nonetheless! I have lost 22.04% of my body weight, and my BMI is now at 30.8.  I’ve just two more pounds to lose before I reach that Four Stone loss (which I feel like I’ve been aiming towards for weeks!). It’s this week’s challenge – to lose two pounds and I am GOING TO DO IT! Now that’s positive thinking!

My new gym regime is going brilliantly, albeit being considerably harder work than I’ve ever done before (more details about that HERE!

My every-day activity challenge has also included regular visits to my allotment which is just round the corner from my house. I sometimes only pop over for an hour to water and tidy, but this past weekend I spent five hours on both Saturday and Sunday, weeding and planting and watering.

I have a Facebook page that I use as a kind of journal for my Allotment – Peas & Quiet – Vegging Out at Hazel’s Allotment.

Today’s Peas & Quiet post has actually been about how I love my allotment (or the Lotty as I call it) as a way of increasing my strength and flexibility, of burning calories, and also as a means to decrease anxiety and reduce stress levels.  Not forgetting the fresh, healthy produce I get to take home and cook! Feel free to take a look HERE – and I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Any form of gardening is a great way of exercising, and the diagram below shows just how it could benefit you too:

Health Benefits of Gardening

Image source:

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