Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

It was my 47th birthday yesterday, yippee! I look far too young to have 23-year-old daughters 😉 I went to the gym at lunchtime… I had a feeling I’d be eating ever-so-slightly too many calories last night! 

After a 2km warm up cycle, I made the decision to move on to C25k Week 2 Day 1 – the app told me I’m going to be running a little longer than before (gulp!):

Brisk 5 minute warm up walk
90 seconds of jogging then 2 minutes walking – repeated four times.
5 minute cool down walk.
31 minutes in total (this took me to 3km distance)

And I completed it!

I found that I was controlling my breathing really well, but this time my legs were struggling with the slightly longer run. For the first time in a long time, I was feeling the pressure in my knees – I’ll keep an eye on that and not advance to the third week until I am satisfied I can do this comfortably.

And so to my birthday dinner…

I already knew I wouldn’t be counting calories last night. It’s extremely rare that I eat “badly”, i.e. fried food or desserts, so I felt that my birthday was as good a time as any to let my hair down for a change.  And oh, did I let my hair down… steak, fries, garlic bread, chocolate mud cake, ice cream…and two large glasses of wine. I was so full, I felt glad I don’t eat like this ALL the time any more! How on earth did I manage to eat like this every time I went anywhere?!

Today though, I’m back on track. Calories have been counted and I’ve cooked a delicious, healthy dinner this evening – here’s where you can find tonight’s recipe for Tom Kerridge’s Stuffed Peppers 🙂

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