Wednesday Weigh Day

Wednesday Weigh Day

Hello everyone, thanks for being here. It’s another Wednesday Weigh Day, but also a difficult, trying time for the family. It’s one of those times when food, fitness and dieting take a back seat and you just do your best to remember to eat at the right times, even if you’re not eating particularly well. 

What’s happened? Well, my father in law was rushed into hospital a few days ago and underwent emergency surgery immediately. He’s spent the last five days under complete sedation as the surgery was traumatic and complicated. My husband has been at the hospital over 200 miles away, with the rest of the family, taking it in turns to sit and talk to him. It’s been a rough time for all concerned.

We’re seeing some improvements though. He’s starting to respond to stimuli, he’s gradually breathing for himself, and he’s doing a great job of trying to pull out the tubes in his throat. So you can see, my health hasn’t really been a priority.

Beetroot and Chocolate Chip Brownies

However, I feel that documenting my food, weight and measurements are things I have to do to keep myself focused. I’ve found cooking to be a distraction from the updates from the hospital this week. I’ve added some new recipes – I baked Chocolate Chip and Beetroot Brownies, cooked a very delicious Creamy Chicken Curry with Coriander and Lemon and I’ve made a big batch of Spicy Butternut Squash & Red Pepper Soup.

So, the Wednesday Weigh Day news is that I have… stayed the same. I’ve not lost nor gained any weight. Considering there have been some days when I’ve forgotten to eat, others when I’ve eaten way too much bread, that’s quite a relief.

I have, however, lost inches! My Results page will give you all the details, but over the past four weeks, I’ve shrunk by a further 3½ inches, with a total loss of 16 inches. I am also 2 dress sizes smaller than I was in October.

So, that’s all for now – I hope to be able to come back to you with good news soon. My father-in-Law does seem to be making some progress, albeit extremely slowly.

Hazel x

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