Weekend Temptations!

Weekend Temptations!

I’ve had a lovely weekend with my husband being home. He works all over the country, leaving for his train on Sunday evening and coming home on Friday night. This makes it so tempting to ditch the diet and treat ourselves to a restaurant or takeaway because we get so little time to enjoy life on the weekends.

Our previous weekends, before I began Hairy Dieting, would have been (and usually were) something like this:

Friday night: Late train home for husband, let’s get an Indian takeaway, we’re starving. Couple of beers.  Couple more beers.  Possibly crisps with beers.

Saturday late lunch (got up too late for breakfast): Cheese, crackers, cooked ham, more cheese, chutney, bread and butter, token cherry tomatoes.

Saturday night: Steak, with chips or baked potato loaded with butter, mushrooms, peas. Chocolate and popcorn with the TV movie. Bottle of wine.  Each.

Sunday: Slept through breakfast again, so let’s have croissants or pain au chocolate, or thick buttery toast, several coffees, and then get out of bed.

Sunday early eveningBefore husband leaves for his train, dinner could be pasta with some vegetables, oodles of pesto, lots of chorizo and chicken, or a big casserole with half a ton of potatoes. Roasted in oil. And butter.

Sunday evening: Feeling a bit low because he’s on yet another train, so I am stuffing myself with a whole “sharing” (sharing! ha!) sized bag of chocolate buttons.

And you don’t notice what you’re doing after a while. You’re eating pleasurable, comfort foods that make the weekend feel nice and then you crunch a few indigestion tablets and get on with Monday morning. Bleugh.

I don’t even think I could eat that much food, that many calories now.

However, our eating habits have changed considerably already. I am sleeping so much better since I lost some weight, so I am waking up earlier in the mornings. Breakfast is Fruit & Fibre or Bran Flakes, or granary toast, or even a healthy version of a “fry up”, and lunch is often a huge, delicious salad, or a comforting bowl of pasta, or even a toasted sandwich.  Dinner is always cooked from scratch, the meal chosen in advance (plan plan plan!) from the Hairy Dieters website or from one of their five lovely cookbooks.

This weekend, we didn’t give in to food temptations, instead we decided to cook together. It’s something we did when we were first going out together, and we’ve started to bring that activity back so we enjoy our food and time together more.

We had the rich and delicious Beef and Ale Casserole for Sunday lunch, and a light, lemony Smashed Up Chicken (with just one glass of wine for me!) on Saturday night.

Smashed Up Chicken

The Beef and Ale casserole was slow cooked for about 4 hours in the oven, and I had already pre-cooked and frozen several portions of Leeky Mash the week before. Planning like this gave us the afternoon to ourselves to have a clear up around my allotment and get some exercise in.  I’m not sure if my husband appreciated the allotment work, but he did enjoy the food!

I love how adaptable this diet is – I have loved cooking all my life, and worked in various kitchens for years, but sometimes even I don’t want to stand at the cooker for hours. There are some fantastic recipes that take very little work at all but still taste amazing and don’t feel like “diet” food at all!

Click on the highlighted links above view the recipes, or view all my recipes here – and I would love to read any comments you may have!

 Hazel x

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